I am grateful to my good friend Stephanie Smith for contributing this guest post as I spend a little time away with my family – Boz

I’m so pleased to be able to fill in for Boz this week as he enjoys a well-deserved time away with his family. Aside from being able to help out a friend, this guest post provides me an opportunity to address a topic that is of great interest and concern to me in protecting children from predators: Recidivism.

Recidivism - courtesy of Floft via floft.net

Recidivism – courtesy of Floft via floft.net (Image source)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines recidivism as, “The tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior.” This has become a hot topic in the last few years as it relates to the different treatment models that have been put into place for sexual offenders. One school of thought argues that nothing can be done for sex offenders to change their behavior. Another school of thought argues that there is some evidence that some offenders can avoid reoffending with the managing of behaviors and triggers.

This is a complex subject that certainly cannot be fully addressed in one post. However, I think it is important to begin this discussion with a few key points to consider when re-offense (recidivism) rates are discussed:

  1. Treatment options for those who have committed sexual offenses against children is a young and changing field. Although we know that the sexual abuse of children has been occurring throughout history, the idea of providing treatment to offenders is new and is largely untested with very little accompanying research. Much more remains to be learned about the effectiveness of treatment for child sexual offenders.
  2. Recidivism studies require that the offenders have been caught and adjudicated within the time period being studied (five years, fifteen years, etc.). Many reported cases that will result in conviction might not be fully adjudicated within that time frame of the study due to the length of time involved in investigating and prosecuting such cases. Furthermore, the delay in the judicial process is also impacted by the fact that most abuse survivors do not immediately report the abuse.
  3. Recidivism studies require accurate data regarding reoffending. The fact that child sexual abuse is one of the most underreported offenses makes it extremely difficult to collect accurate data on the recidivism of offenders. For example, the fact that there has not been a new report of abuse regarding a certain offender does not necessarily mean that the offender has not reoffended. It may simply mean that additional victims have not reported the offense.
  4. Any study under discussion needs to be reviewed thoroughly to ascertain how “sex offenders” are defined. Are we looking at a broad or specific category of sex offenses? For example, are we considering only offenses against adults, or just offenses against children, or a combination of offenses against adults and children?

It is important that we distinguish between the different types of sexual offenders when addressing the issue of recidivism. For example, pedophiles represent a smaller number of offenders convicted for sexually abusing children. However, they tend to have higher numbers of victims and higher recidivism rates than any other type of sex offender. On the other hand, researchers have identified some sex offenders who assault adults that eventually stop perpetrating.  Thus, studies that do not distinguish between pedophiles and adult rapists do not accurately reflect the risks to children.

Churches must understand more about the typology of offenders to help them understand that recidivism isn’t as simple as any one study. Offenders are drawn to faith institutions initially for the same reason that they are drawn to schools, youth sports and other youth-oriented activities. It’s the easiest way to gain access to children outside their own families. Tragically, many of these same offenders are also abusing within the home. Regardless, grooming children and gaining the trust of parents doesn’t happen unless the children are a focus of the activity in which the offender is engaged.

In order to truly safeguard children, faith communities must recognize that activities involving children attract two kinds of people: those who love children and those who would prey on children. At any given point in time, we cannot be certain which of those two types is engaging with our children during vacation bible school, children’s church, Sunday school, or youth group. As Christians, we often chide ourselves for being suspicious of others and not acting with the highest level of charity and compassion. Though there is nothing wrong with acting that way, it is critical to understand that not everyone we encounter in the faith community is vigilant in wanting to protect little ones and to ensure that opportunities for abuse are minimized. When you observe something suspicious, confront it head on. If not by addressing it directly with the individual, then by taking immediate steps to protect the children in that situation and then reporting the matter to the church leadership. When it is known that an individual has sexually abused a child in the past, allowing that person to have any access to children is simply foolish and demonstrates a complete disregard for the safety and well being of the child.

I’ve chosen not to weigh this post down with various studies confirming that recidivism exists at a particular level because I don’t think that anyone disputes that fact. At the end of the day, I believe the level of reoffending is completely irrelevant. One sexually abused child is one too many. Let’s stop spending so much time and energy arguing the percentages of who may reoffend and who may not. Do you want to be the church that plays the odds and loses at the expense of a child? I think very few would embrace such a dangerous game.

Instead I think it is time that we focus our attention on prevention efforts that will address the risk of the “known offender” and, more importantly, “he who has yet to be caught.” The unknown offenders are the most dangerous because they repeatedly abuse children while others have absolutely no suspicion. The same policies that protect children from known offenders should be in place even when such known offenders are not in the church.

Common sense is the most valuable defense against those who reoffend. For example, when an 18-year-old offender discloses that he is on the sex offender registry for having sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend, check it out. Criminal convictions are listed on the registry. (It’s important to know that convictions may represent only one of multiple charges against the individual or may be a lesser offenses which the offender agreed to plead to rather than face trial on a more serious charge.) If you check and the registry indicates that he was convicted of child molestation, he’s lied to you. If he’d commit child molestation and then lie about it to get into your church, do you really want to risk the safety of your children because he’s expressed repentance? I certainly hope not because this offender is at high risk for recidivism.

Regardless of what you may believe about the recidivism rates of child sexual offenders, perhaps we can all agree that compromising the safety of our children is neither wise nor Christian.

Stephanie Smith is a former deputy prosecutor from Indiana who prosecuted cases of child maltreatment includes sexual abuse. She served as the first regional director for the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center’s Southern Regional Center. She continues to work with Gundersen as principal of Child Protection Training Services based in Westfield, IN. You may contact her at ssmith@childprotectiontrainingservices.com


  1. Ms. Smith,
    Could you go back and cite some of the information you have referenced above? Thank you in advance. Our organization, Women Against Registry, a national group of mothers, wives, fiances, grandmothers, aunts and other family members of those adjudicated for sexual offenses are speaking out about the treatment of the families. Let me be clear, we are saying that once a person has been adjudicated, paid their debt to society and are living a law-abiding life they should be allowed to do so without more punitive punishments heaped on them and their families. Also, let me say this, I have been a Christian for over 50 years and have backed away from the church for one simple reason….when churches ask a family to leave because a Father or Mother is a “known offender” that clearly indicates the members of that facility are placing themselves “above” God and Jesus Christ who gave specific guidance and that action was NOT on of them.

    There are over 774,600 men, women and children (as young as 6, 8 and 10 in some states) required to register and the “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and many others.

    If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members you can clearly see there are well over 3 family members who experience the collateral damage of being harassed, threatened, children beaten, have signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, have flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant, and even being murdered….all these things occur when these people try to hold their family together and provide the three things that academics state are needed for successful re-integration; a job, a place to live and a good support system.

    Ariel Castro (Ohio), Jerry Sandusky (PA) and many others we hear and read about were NOT on any public registry and that is EXACTLY THE POINT. The public has been groomed to believe all they have to do is check a registry and be aware of “those on it” and their family will be safe. The truth of the matter is that according to credible studies by Dr. Jill Levenson, Richard Tewksbury, Chrysanthi Leon and others the recidivism rate for another “sexual” offense is 3.5 % and those who are beginning to educate families are advising the other 95% of sexual offenses come from within the victim’s environment (family, friends and those having access to the children) and NEVER get reported.

    Vicki Henry, President – Women Against Registry dot com

    • concerned mom

      I have never read though where a member of a CATHOLIC church was asked to leave because of being a registered sex offender. i could be wrong

  2. i’m the wife of a registrant, albeit a falsely accused one (long story) I’m so thankful for the support and love we have received from our church. They have never turned their backs on us, or treated us differently,
    As for children’s activities, youth group etc. My husband simply does not participate. He does not do youth group, VBS or any of that. Yes, he is innocent of what he was accused, but why volunteer to put yourself in a place where another false allegation could be levied?
    In my mind, if all churches took the policy of, if you’re a (child sex) offender, you are welcome, to any and all adult and family related activities, but youth oriented activities would be off-limits….that would make sense.
    That way, church dinners, picnics etc would accessible to all and perhaps a rule in place that children go to the bathroom with a parent, or in pairs, would be a start.
    The very last thing we want to do, especially as Christians, is alienate, or run off those who need Jesus and HIS family the most.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Pretty speech and tearful plea Camille, do you also advocate for those Level three predators YOU communicate ALL DAY long with on those restricted facebook pages you and your groups love so much to be given free reign in the church’s of their choice? Better yet, let me ask you this? Derek Logue a Level 3 Predator complained (in his own words) by the way that a church in Alabama asked him to leave do to his frequent interaction with pre-teen girls (alone) and he was insulted. Umm ..considering his female victim was what? 9 years old and he had only been released from prison weeks earlier,it is my opinion the church was being prudent but I am curious, would you stand up for Derek as a reference in YOUR church?

      • Yes I would possibly. You are trying to insinuate that there is NO hope of someone NOT reoffending. How old was he at the time? What were the circumstances? Did he do it out of maturity? Did he learn his lesson by spending just 1 day in jail? Would it be worth it to him to try to risk going to jail once again? Does he have an attraction to underage girls now? What was his frame of mind when he did this? This is what I would consider.

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          I may not be the first person to ask that question to Camille, I have far too much knowledge on Mr. Logue’s background to give a less than partial or favorable response to whether he should be allowed back into a church setting. I can only offer up The four years he spent in prison and subsequent years after have only increased his threat level to the public. Not my opinion but the state of Ohio’s determination after dealing with Mr. Logue on multiple occations. Oh and I believe Mr. Logue himself publically stated that “he is attracted to particular features and many YOUNG children, HAVE those features” I certainly hope YOUR not a stopgate to spot “triggers” in your husband’s behavor Camille.

          • so you are painting a broad brush once again because of what this one guy said?

  3. Stephanie Smith

    Ms. Henry-
    I agree that the family members of an alleged or convicted offender often become collateral damage which is unfair. Improvements can certainly be made to the process of the sex offender registry especially with regard its broad scope.

    The registry itself won’t protect children, only people can do that. Prevention efforts are the best approach to ensure safety against sexual abuse from recidivism and first time offenders.

    As a point of clarification, the 3.5% you referred to reported in Dr. Levensen’s was a single community study on notification/registration of sex offenders. Per Dr. Levensen’s summary, 5-14% is the accepted range for repeat offending based on the literature.

    • Ms. Smith the 3.5% was actually from a Bureau of Justice Statistics report involving over 9 thousand registrants.

      Women Against Registry advocates for the prevention of sexual abuse from every occurring in the first place. If you were in a family where there was sexual abuse would you subject your family to what you see registrants and their families go through based on the media fear-mongering which drives punitive legislation and a terrified public assuming that every person on the registry has violently raped and murdered someone. There should be pre-trial diversion programs with first time sexual offenses just as there are with drug offenses.
      I will leave you with this true story:
      ”In 1984 I was working in a 5/6 grade Special Education class and following the Family Living discussion regarding appropriate and inappropriate touching, a very troubled female 5th grader came to me and asked, “Mrs. Schaff, what would happen to my Dad, … I mean, someone who is touching you in the wrong places?” I replied, “He would be put in jail and you would never have to worry about him ever touching you again.” She stood silent for a long time and I asked, “Is there something you would like to share?” She thought awhile longer and said, “No, I was just wondering.” Because of the law, I let this child down! If I would have been able to say, “The law states that person would have to go to the hospital and change his behavior OR go to jail” there is no doubt in my mind that she would have shared with me. She displayed all the symptoms of an abused child but I sincerely feel she chose to endure the physical/sexual abuse rather than lose her Dad. I failed her and have thought about her for many years. Children want the behavior to change; not the loss and breakup of family. “

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      It should be noted by readers of this forum, (1) that the registry in itself is not going to protect anyone, its a TOOL that can be utilized by the public to help Protect themselves by informing the said public on who has been convicted and or predisposed to commit sexually based crimes. (2) Diminishing the registry and its intent is also diminishing the thousands of victims and their suffering they endured. (3) only 38% of the public have actually accessed the registry, less on a regular basis. Those who have accessed it have implemented at least 2 safety measures either to their homes and or their routines. (4) Knowledge is power and the power to Recognise who has the potential to tear ones family apart is priceless. (5) Learning how to “read” the registry is important, if anything the statutes minimize the true damage and dangers offenders pose. (6) Dissecting the registry in anyones personal zip code is an insight to their particular state, county, cities effectiveness in dealing with this issue. Its a window to the “powers that be” as to whether the citizen is getting their monies worth by the same people we look to for oversight and control of this issue. The majority of the public would be dismayed and woefully dissapointed where the breakdowns by our public servants occur.

  4. The fact of the matter is it is the State who defines “sex offender’ even decades after a sentence has been served based upon illegal statutory language that presumes a conviction, regardless of when it happened, that a.person continues to be dangerous.

    The list is given to anyone and everyone in unlimited ways under a pretense a person is dangerous or that the public is equipped to make their own determinations of dangerousness. The public is encouraged by the state to use the list to discriminate against an individual in any way they see fit.

    The state uses the.list politically in order to pass ever more restrictions agqinst the group without regard to whether as applied the restrictions do harm. In some jurisdictions even attending a church becomes a crime solely through a listing on the registry.

    What happens when the state decides to create lists of dangerous people through the political process that totally bypasses the judicial branch of government?

    I.left the registry. I can go anywhere anyone else can go without worry. I can do that because until you guys have a hearing SHOWING me dangerous I am PRESUMED to not be dangerous.

    This is so basic to law, justice and fredom that without a hearing before an independent judge your list is PRESUMED to be illegal.

    This is done in order to stop the state from wholesale labeling, banishing and discriminating agsinst citizens arbitrarily, accorsing to political winds.

    Have some due process. Get the list out of the hands of politicians. Or don’t. I just won’t follow your stupid and illegal laws and your discussion becomes solely an intellectual exercise.as it.pertains to me.

  5. After reading most of the comments I now understand why the church refuses to protect children and blames victims. I know that the torment of realizing one of ones family is a sex offender is terrible. Families of murders feel the same way. It is not your fault if one of your family is a sex offender. Your pleading for them actually encourages them not to change. You can still love someone and admit that they have done evil and hold them accountable. Your covering up and demanding they be treated like a non offender will not help them. If one of your family is an alcoholic you do not ask all your friends to offer them alcohol because they have been sober for three months.

    If you are pleading for your offending loved one you are an enabler and encouraging them to abuse again. Abusers a very good manipulators and actors. They can look more repentant then anyone else you have ever seen. They are use to telling lies, they lie to their victims all the time. They lie to cover up their abuse. Yes there can be those who truly change but they will be thankful for the limits set on them.

    The chance of one more child being damaged for 60 to 80 years after the sexual abuse is not worth giving some one a chance to abuse again. My abuser is dead but for over 60 years I have lived with the damage done to me. And the added damage of the cover up by Christians that said to just forgive. The on going damage will last my life time. Why should the “damage” of being guilty not follow the abuser to their grave.

    • Shary:
      We are not enabling one to re-offend but, when does redemption begin? Many who chose to believe the worst are usually unhealed victims.
      You can ask the members of families and there are a lot of victims whose offender will never be known and some are known in the family and nothing is said or done. My uncle offended against my older sister when she was 6 years old and was getting away with it as recent as 3 years ago because the victims do not want to re-live the past. My niece was offended against by her step-dad.
      You believe in the “no known cure” philosophy. The research and treatment programs have come a long way over the last ten years. Others have taken back their lives (Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Duggard, the girls that Ariel Castro held hostage for 10 years, etc).

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        I often wonder why I bother to log in when you make my point so eloquently for me Vicki. You write “My uncle offended against my older sister when she was 6 years old and was getting away with it as recent as 3 years ago because the victims do not want to re-live the past. My niece was offended against by her step-dad.”
        I hate to be the one to break it to you, but YOUR family is a collection of dysfuntion and even the most incompetent therapist in the field will tell you that allowing an offender back into this much chaos has a dismal prognosis for success. You and I have been going round and round for well over three years and if within that time period your FAMILY members are still offending within their own family dynamics, one must ponder Vick, that your efforts, advice and position on the issue probably shouldnt be held up to the standard you think it should be.
        You make alot of noise about “educating” the public and you spend HOURS a day trying to convince the general population How LOW recidivism is among offenders and yet, look what you write? Usually Vicki One has a tendency to “get their own house in order, prior to telling others how to keep theirs” ..just a keen observation on my part.

    • The basis of all good government is that every person is an individual before the law.

      What ever your argument is I don’t give up that most basic and fundamental right. What I am saying is when you all have come to answers about me without my input and from those answers flows.policy and laws against me, you have violated that most basic tenet of.law of ALL free counties.

      You don’t have all the answers. Your moral position on how or what to do with THOSE THEM and THEY has been deemed illegal unless it is overseen by an independent judiciary.

      I get my day in court. Without it my punishment is over. There is no moral position to continue it.

    • concerned mom

      You are trying to insinuate that there is NO hope of someone NOT reoffending. How old was he at the time? What were the circumstances? Did he do it out of maturity? Did he learn his lesson by spending just 1 day in jail? Would it be worth it to him to try to risk going to jail once again? Does he have an attraction to underage girls now? What was his frame of mind when he did this? This is what I would consider. – See more at: http://boz.religionnews.com/2014/07/25/sex-offenders-recidivism-church/#comment-8177

  6. I agree with Shary, sex offenders do enormous damage and usually to multiple victims. They are masters of manipulation and lies.

    I have a collection of hate mail from the most manipulative man I have ever encountered. He tells me I am going to hell, because I am “ruining” the reputation of godly men. He waxes lyrical about the mission that he “served” with and how they are helping poor lost natives. He does not mention that many of his co-workers are or were paedophiles (some are dead) and that one has been jailed. He tells me his wife is a physical and emotional wreck because I have dared to speak out against sex offenders and those who shelter them.
    He goes to church on Sunday and reads his Bible prolifically, deriving justifications for his very strange views. To his avid followers who will listen he tells how he was a missionary hero and is now being persecuted by the Devil himself and his agents.

    And he signs his letters DAD!

    • What is your purpose for speaking out against sex offenders (and those who shelter them)? Do you believe a listing on a registry is for the explicite purpose for you to ensure a person is isolated from the community? Maybe you want them to leave the community? Do you believe it is your self-appointed place to do public notification? Do you want them to feel shame? Do you judge those on the list, and harass some but not others?

      I would like to know how you use the registry…

      • With all due respect, there is no mention of any registry in my post. My interest is in working with law enforcers to apprehend and convict sex offenders. I have no need to refer to any register to find sex offenders, I’m busy enough dealing with the ones from my past.

        By all means feel free to feel compassion for those who abuse children, extend to them your hand of friendship, believe their crocodile tears of remorse and promises to not do it again. There are enough paedophiles to allow us both to deal with them in our own ways.

        • Your post is too confusing or vague to respond to. BUT after a person is done with their punishment don’t you believe there should be (for protection of the community) a system that allows a person a support system?

          It should be noted, I speak for myself and ONLY myself. I have no followers, nor do I seek any.

          I get my court hearing, or I don’t go on a registry and I get to live my life free of your registry, label, banishment, and harassment.

          You think I want to deal with pedophiles? You are mistaken! I DEMAND a court deals with pedophiles. You know why you won’t do it? Because if you actually put people in front of a court for a designation, you just couldn’t get your label like you want it. Because then you wouldn’t have all the answers, and an arrogant person like yourself believes they have all the answers..

          • I cannot understand where you are coming from. Oscar is obviously working in the field of law enforcement and you are rambling on about supporting sex offenders.
            We need police officers and those that assist them to locate them.
            You didn’t get the answers you thought you were entitled to and now you have thrown your toys out of the cot.

            Save your anger for those who break the law, not those who do their best to enforce it.

          • Rudy 101

            I’m a little lost. Oscar makes perfect sense to me and is obviously passionate about the apprehension of sex offenders. This is to be applauded, not be called arrogant. There is no claim to have all the answers, just a sharing of a very personal story.

            This is a very tricky issue, there are good points on both side. Let us have a rational discussion without name calling.

        • Oscar starts his story about someone he doesn’t mention is a sex offender. Oscar says he received some mail from a person who apparently his sin is is working or preaching to sex offenders. Oscar says he works WITH law enforcement to apprehend and convict sex offenders. He doesn’t say he works FOR law enforcement. Then Oscar says he is dealing with them from HIS past.

          Is Oscar a disturbed person who can’t seperate offenders from what happened to him and those that have nothing to do with him? Is Oscar a vigalante? Is Oscar a law enforcement officer?

          All we do really know is that Oscar doesn’t like pedophiles and sees them everywhere.

          • Often the best councillors are those who have had real live hurt in their lives and the best nurses are those who have cared for a loved one and then taken up the profession.
            So to answer your question. I would deduce that Oscar has had personal experience in his past with sex offenders and now works in law enforcement. If so, he’s hardly going to post on here what his methods are, is he?
            You’ve attacked someone who was kindly supporting another and you’ve attacked Kris also. Both who have male names and therein I think most of us can deduce the bias you are showing.

          • Your guess is good as any other explanation. I have learned something about guesses though, one is that there are lots more possibilities than we realize, and 2, that makes it easy to be wrong.

            But this has little to do with who he is but the ideas he has. All I know is he hates pedophiles. I have known all kinds. Most are a bit emotionally unstable. Not all though. I don’t like them either for all the reasons everyone lists. I also know a lot where I think it is criminal to put a label of pedophile on them.

            Hmmmm. Some people fit the stereotype and others don’t. How can society differentiate between the different types of individuals?

            I say essentially the same thing in all my comments.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      I am grateful that you have the insight (firsthand) to KNOW how devious offenders are and can be. The general public still fails to grasp how manipulative these predators really are. Its good someone other than myself can relate their experiences and observations on the topic.. I “observe” many offender groups and their mindsets. Its disheartening that it is not only the offenders who are contributing to the ongoing abuse of our innocents, its the women who defend and stand by them. I often read by wives who confess they have no intention of disclosing their husband’s status to unsuspecting neighbors. They use the caveat that if the neighbors really “cared” they could look at the registry. The registry it seems is a “compilation of all things evil and unjust ,until of course they NEED the registry for a “failure to disclose” weasel clause”.
      Its imperative that the public be EDUCATED but not by women and groups as Vicki Henry’s and her motley crew who think the public should adopt an offender for Christmas every year, but by those who KNOW offenders will and do offend out of Opportunity and what depths offenders will sink to in their quest to fulfill deviant compulsions.

  7. “One sexually abused child is one too many. Let’s stop spending so much time and energy arguing the percentages of who may reoffend and who may not. Do you want to be the church that plays the odds and loses at the expense of a child? I think very few would embrace such a dangerous game.”

    Thank you! The risk is not worth it and if you feel compelled to forgive, that does not mean trusting this person with kids.

    • WHO is sexually abusing a child? Doesn’t that make a difference even a little? MY GOD! Children playing doctor can end up on your little list. Teenagers who don’t know a thing about their new found sexuality and have not a soul in the world to talk about it, they end up on your list.

      Just banish them all. It’s simple and takes no thought. And accomplishes the old idea of the “dirty” “unclean” “a leper”

      But if you want to keep molesters away from kids, you should do a background check on those who care for kids. Otherwise, digging up the sins of the congregation and litigating them just might end up with an empty congregation.

      God does love everyone. I didn’t need a church to know that. But I do know that God is against the registry as it is now. I am proof of his unhappiness with the registry.

      It should be noted, that when a COURT deems a person a pedophile or suffers from paraphilia from a medical stand-point, a whole host of options opens up. The person’s whole life can be regulated as long as the regulations are rationally related to his medical condition. NOW, for most, all there is is a registry whose proven outcome is alienation and isolation. Two things, put together resulting in a more dangerous community.

      You want Eden? You don’t get it! What you get is fairness, justice and freedom. Otherwise there will be lists waiting for YOU.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      I will try and get the numbers for you, not on recidivism but the numbers on abuse that has happened when the church decided to turn a blind eye and extend the “forgive and forget” to sex offenders. Its rather high, too high for the church elders or powers that be ever to make the decision to allow sex offenders into their congregations on a “compassionate” basis. The numbers just dont come out and the resulting consequenses are too harmful and the liability too high. A couple of church’s actually had to close their doors to pay the civil damages..

  8. ((Once again I will restate this))
    There are over 774,600 men, women and children (as young as 6, 8 and 10 in some states) required to register and the “crimes” range from urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, or spiteful student, viewing abusive OR suggestive images of anyone18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual sexual dating relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and many others.

    If you multiply the number on the registry by 2 or 3 family members you can clearly see there are well over 3 family members who experience the collateral damage of being harassed, threatened, children beaten, have signs placed in their yards, homes set on fire, vehicles damaged, asked to leave their churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, have flyers distributed around their neighborhood, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant, and even being murdered….all these things occur when these people try to hold their family together and provide the three things that academics state are needed for successful re-integration; a job, a place to live and a good support system.

    Ariel Castro (Ohio), Jerry Sandusky (PA) and many others we hear and read about were NOT on any public registry and that is EXACTLY THE POINT. The public has been groomed to believe all they have to do is check a registry and be aware of “those on it” and their family will be safe. The truth of the matter is that according to credible studies by Dr. Jill Levenson, Richard Tewksbury, Chrysanthi Leon and others the recidivism rate for another “sexual” offense is 3.5 % and those who are beginning to educate families are advising the other 95% of sexual offenses come from within the victim’s environment (family, friends and those having access to the children) and NEVER get reported.

    Vicki Henry, President – Women Against Registry dot com

    • I can see your point and it makes sense. Have you lobbied the legislators who allow this travesty to take place?

      Registers should be only for convicted sex offenders, innocent till proven guilty.

      On the other hand, offenders who violate innocent children should be incarcerated for such periods of time that they are no danger to society if they are ever released and the example they are made of is a deterrent to others.

      We need to work together to end this epidemic of child abuse. Better to be the fence at the top of the cliff than the ambulance at the bottom.

      • Lobby a legislature to correct injustice? Legislatures are not worried about injustice, they are worried about POLITICS.

        We love the scarlett letter so much we are blinded to its Godliness and its uselessness as a tool for protection.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Vick you really need to find something more compelling to copy and paste..obviously this one isnt doing it for you. You may choose to look at the Nambla website, I hear they have new directives they are sending down to Your group and RSOL after the recent conference.

  9. Get a grip. The registry is A sham. In fl for instance, they only have put people convicted after oct 1997. The public and the police are their probation officers for life. How about the thousands convicted before that dAte who are not listed? People don’t reAlly have a clue and are brainwShed by media

  10. Throughout history, Americans have always wanted a punching bag. U can’t tell me that the registry is not for the money. I would put my life savings on the fact that most people are 1 time offenders who were in their 20s and convicted of simple statutory rape. Men take until their 20s to mature. Do they evaluate these young men to actually see if they should be listed? Some states do, most don’t.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      You would LOSE every dime of that savings Mike. The average age for a first time registrant is 31 years old, whose victim was under 12. I didnt make it up Mike, “google it” and that 31 year old registrant was the first time they recieved “legal sanction” not the first time they offended. Big distinction.
      The fallacy of being put on the registry for a First time offense runs rampant in the Pro-offender crowd,
      Liars can figure, figures dont lie Mike..

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          I admire John Walsh greatly and I doubt anyone other than another parent of a murdered child could ever ever relate to the depths of pain that man and his family must feel everyday. Sex offenders really should hold him to higher esteem than they do, the discipline and containment that man must possess is greater than I would ever would have under the circumstances.
          But I digress, first off Mike, you may not be the most compelling speaker for sex offenders and their tales of woe by attempting to insinuate John Walsh as a deroggatory human being by inferring him as an offender. In your haste to demonize Mr. Walsh You fail miserably in the very real relevant point that “consentual” sex is Your go to argument for all things pro-offender but under the very real circumstances of John Walsh you USE it to insinuate him as a child molester, you cant have it both ways Mike. and you darn sure can’t use it (or him) in a valid debate on sex offenders and or their crimes.

          • Except John Walsh has admitted on camera that he had an illegal sexual affair with a minor. As HE wrote the law, he would be considered a level III (because of the age difference).

            He laughed it off in the interview.

            It just seems strange to label a person as dangerous for behavior that is known to be extremely common (even if illegal).

  11. Who would you rather liv next door to u? Someone who broke into their neighbors house. Tied up and beat a couple to death or near death? Or someone in their 40s who in their 20s was convicted of statutory rape? The author of this article obviously thinks the latter. It’s funny we don’t think the public needs to kno about the violent person.

  12. Valerie Parkhurst

    For the average person who reads this article and the subsequent comments to it, you must be aware of exactly WHO is commenting and what their motives are. Its imperative on two fronts. “Vicki Henry” is the mother goose of all things “sex offender”. Her members are comprised of the “worst of the worst” and this group’s aim is to pave the way to allow them to live anonymously among us. Their methods are to attempt to convince the public that ALL sex offenders have been over-prosecuted for either urinating behind a tree and or consensual teenage sex. The TRUTH is much darker and their crimes can NEVER be confused with these two examples.

    I applaud Stephanie Smith’s concise observations on this horrendous subject. I especially agree with her statements on recidivism. This article has been posted on Vicki Henry’s aka WAR (womenagainstregistry) group’s website so their members can link in to refute Ms. Smith’s article and continue to propagandize the public who may be swayed by their opinions. This group and other Pro-Offender group’s ultimate goals are to abolish the registry and allow offenders an unhindered presence among the population.

    These groups are prolific in their efforts due to the very real fact that the majority of their members threat designations are high and mandated to register for LIFE due to the heinousness of their crimes. These groups have formal “minutemen” or “communication” warriors set up just for articles as this. Make no mistake, this collection of offenders and or their families are devious and manipulating in their daily efforts to allow the repercussions for sexually based crimes to be equal to that of a “parking infraction”.

    • The “poster child” for why giving unfettered and unlimited access to a registry is dangerous to the community.

      Everyone has sweeping statements about offenders. But why not? When creating this list huge, categories of people were singled out. In a very real sense, victims got to choose who belonged on the list. Not surprisingly they chose as many as they could.

      Everyone, including Ms. Parkhurst, has an opinion about what should happen to those labeled. Many on both sides want their story heard to give importance and urgency to the “problem” of those labeled.

      Those stories and opinions come together to form POLITICS.

      IN the aftermath of WWII came about a set a laws that NOBODY is excluded from. Specifically, no longer is the State allowed to create lists that are created exclusively out of politics.

      Every list mankind has ever made about themselves, spun out of politics, has ended up in the most horrible, disgusting and inhuman sets of actions that new laws and basic rights have to be enacted to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

      POLITICS is your problem. You all are trying to “protect” yourselves through the political process, when few of you are qualified, educated, or have experience to be able to make rational decisions in the best interest of the offender or community.

      Of course there will be a degeneration into violence against those on the registry. When idiots are running the show, who don’t know what they are doing, there will be no protection and only frustration. The frustration will boil over and there will become a consensus for a “final solution”.

      THIS is why I get my court hearing….

        • I am not against civil commitment. That requires a hearing. It requires lawyers, and evidence of a continuing danger.and a substantial portion of those brought up on civil commitment proceedings are not committed because the State can’t meet its burden.

          I never say the State doesn’t have the right to regulate dangerous people. What I say is that when making this list the same procedures apply as the civil committment procedures. This is called, DUE PROCESS.

          In fact whenever the State goes after ANY group of people because of supposed inherent behavioral traits that requires DUE PROCESS.

          Minnesota does a lot of civil committment. Per capita, more than any State. The program is essentially being taken over by a federal judge because the program violates due process because nobody gets out of civil commitment because of POLITICS,

          The registry is a punishment. Everyone knows it. I won’t get my hearing, because the registry can’t be defended as applied to me. The only argument the State will have left is “collateral consequences” and tough luck.

          It’s not good enough. .

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            Rudy we have been over this a thousand times. The supreme court has twice upheld the fact that registries are not violating due process. Just because you disagree with their ruling, doesnt mean you arent bound by law to abide by the ruling. Hey I thought Obamacare was a crock and still do, but the court saw fit to implement it. We all will face the repercussions and like it or not will effect the entire country, just like the registry effects certain sex offenders..is what it is kid..

          • You are right Valerie! There is an impasse. I say there is a due process violation and you say there is not, and you can back yourself up with a mountain of court literature. It all seems pretty good and tight. The restrictions keep coming, the courts up-hold them, and long prison terms are assigned for violations.

            You think my freedom is cheap. The whole system is based upon the idea my freedom is cheap.

            My freedom is not cheap. In order to get it, I am going to get that hearing. Otherwise…I don’t register, I don’t follow the restrictions and I get to be a productive and valuable member of my community.

            Punishment is over, Valerie! That is how it is…

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        You might want to stroll thru an intensive care unit after a violent sexual assault Rudy, trust me, politics are the last thing on anyone’s mind.

    • Thanks, Valerie. I felt like I entered the Twilight Zone when I started reading comments. A tag team full of illogic, venom and nonsense, with bits of accuracy nestled sparely between. Oy!

      • Patrice: Valarie is a vigilante nut job out of Dave, Florida. A vigilante troll, if you will, and the other groups that don’t promote violence that she used to tag-team with have abandoned her promoting violence. She is good at throwing out data but NEVER attaches a link to it. Why? As I understand the Florida attorney general’s office, FBI and local Davey police have been notified of her tactics with saying things like “they need a needle in their arms” and the females who sleep with them…..” she is vile and loves to personally attack myself and others who rely on studies by academics and researchers. Valarie’s is pumped up with venom and hate…..
        Believe what you “chose” but there are several organizations who are working to promote education and training to empower parents and children in an effort to prevent child abuse from occurring in the first place:
        RSOL – Executive Director – Brenda Jones
        SOSEN – A resource group originally lead by Mary Duvall
        CURE – SORT part of CURE National – lead by Charlie Sullivan
        Beyond the Registry led by Kim D. & Sandy H.
        Caution Click and several more.
        Research for yourselves, through sources such as Ms. Smith and prosecutors or Valarie….the choice is yours. Vicki Henry

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          Vicki HenryJul 26, 2014 at 4:11 pm
          Patrice: Valarie is a vigilante nut job out of Dave, Florida.

          Vicki, you left out I have “two heads a 6 foot tail “” also. I just know who and what you are if that makes me a vigilantie “I’ll own it” thats not an insult to me. Oh and its spelled “Valerie”

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          There! I knew I could find it:
          on 11/01/2012:
          This discussion is very much needed. The issue of sexual abuse has gone on longer than any of us have been alive. And, if many will be honest there is a dirty old uncle or grandpa who has gotten away with some type of sexual offense for years. Why you ask? Just as studies have indicated 95% of these cases happen within the family environment and will never be reported. So, where does that leave us? I think more education and less legislation would be a good place to start. Children and teens need to be empowered as to their safety and ways to self protect. I am in no way saying children are totally responsible for their well-being but, then again parents can’t be everywhere with their child. Had you rather be proactive with those 95% of “attempted” offenses or remain reactive after the damage is done? On another note the NCMEC says that “ALL Children Deserve to be Safe” and our organization, Women Against Registry seeks to bring awareness to the collateral damaged experienced by families of registrants who have paid their debt and should be allowed to live their lives. “”My son was abused by his biological father beginning at the age of 6 ( I said 4) and that was not uncovered till he was 22 years old”” so I have some knowledge about it happening to someone close. I will say that folks can decide to remain a victim or work to get their life back (Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry,and numerous others). There are over 760,000 men, women and children registrants across the states and the offenses range from urinating in public all the way to rape. Multiply that number by 2 or 3 family members of the registrant and there are well over 2,500,00 folks struggling to help someone re-integrate. A registry does not protect kids!

          Vicki Henry Women Against Registry dot com

          If you dont like post as these to show up with your name attached, I suggest YOU make changes on your end.

          • Valigator: You got part of the story right. That was my ex-husband and began after we were divorced. He has never been prosecuted because my son doesn’t want to go back to that time in his life. He wants to move on.

          • Boz Tchividjian

            Vickie – Thank you for your many comments. This is undoubtedly a very emotionally charged topic and will not be resolved on a blog post. I want to make a few observations related to your position that cause me much concern. The fact that you think it is a bad idea that community members not have some form of notice that another member of their community has been previously adjudicated for sexually abusing a child is very difficult to comprehend. For example, if you had a 12 year old child wouldn’t you want to know that your neighbor had been previously convicted for sexually abusing his 12 year old step-daughter? Wouldn’t such knowledge help to empower you and your family to take steps to protect your child…even if the chance of this neighbor re-offending is low? It is not the registry system that is the problem…it is what we do with those registries that can cause many of the problems you have identified. Perhaps we can agree that better education about what we should do with the information contained in these registries is needed?

            Also, your argument that these registries are useless since most child sexual abuse occurs within family environments makes little sense. Research indicates that intra-familial abuse is most prevalent because it provides offenders with the greatest opportunity to abuse and to keep the child victim silent about such abuse. If provided the opportunity, many of these intra-familial abusers would perpetrate non family members. Sex offender registries minimize those opportunities. Furthermore, your information regarding the percentage of intra-familial abuse is incorrect. It is more like 60%. That leaves 40% of children sexually abused by those outside of the family. Quite frankly, if a registry helps to protect just one child from being sexually victimized, isn’t it well worth it?

            Your argument about empowerment does not make any sense. You somehow argue that a registry makes kids less safe because it makes them somehow less “proactive”. It is quite the opposite. Registries empower parents (and kids) to be better informed as everyone takes proactive steps to minimize the opportunities for the abuse to be perpetrated.

            Finally, your attempt to argue that registries somehow promote and glorify victimization is without logic or any factual basis. Shouldn’t our focus be to empower all vulnerable people with knowledge so that they can take steps to protect themselves from ever being a victim in the first place? Registries are a part of that necessary knowledge.

            There is little doubt that your passion for your position is not fueled by a desire to protect children from being sexually abused. My guess is that it comes from a negative personal experience with a sex offender registry. If so, I am truly sorry for that experience. However, responding with a position that wants to prevent members of the community from accessing public record (sex offender conviction) only punishes innocent children.

            Again, thanks for your comments.

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            Boz, I think you confused My (Valerie) position with Viicki Henry, I am very much pro-registry
            “”The fact that you think it is a bad idea that community members not have some form of notice that another member of their community has been previously adjudicated for sexually abusing a child is very difficult to comprehend””

    • Please do not refer to Ms Henry’s members as the worst of the worst. Please do not exaggerate everything to make a point. I resent it, because it spreads the lies. I happen to be a member and I’m not a “pedophile”. I did not even get caught “peeing in the woods”. I do not have a criminal record; do not molest children; do not break the law. In fact, I have worked for years in a top law firm. Please get your facts straight and stop perpetuating the lies. It seems that your comments are “all or nothing” and you ignore factual statements and studies, yet you produce none to back your comments. One of your comments about us “members” being the worst of the worst is clearly false. I am not the only member who is a law-abiding citizen. Please use some wisdom and common sense before you “judge” others without benefit of facts. Thank you.

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        The verbage of “worst the worst” came from Your own members and I quote ” our loved one’s or members crimes are considered the “worst of the worst” by society, “so we must fight even harder for their freedoms” ring a bell? nothin?
        Oh and working “for years in a top law firm” might not have the positive impact you would like, considering the reputations of many attorneys, just sayin. To be precise my usual reference to Vicki Henry’s group is “the worst of the worst and or the broads banging them” if that helps..Thank You.

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            real tough one Vicki ! Who would I rather have my name aligned with? Ron Book father of a child victim and influential activist in favor of better oversight of sex offenders or……. YOUR best friend(s) Derek Logue non repentent, angry violent child rapist desegnated level three most likely to re-offend ummm …or Joe Low, level three child molester kicked out of a Florida transitional housing program, or Denis Sobin the old perv trolling for little kids being raped on the internet heck .Vicki I would be here all night listing your best buds and all their criminal histories ..I think I’ll stick with Mr, Book thank you..

          • Valarie,
            You prove two points: The person who sexually abused Lauren Book was NOT ON ANY SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY which is the point. You, Boz and his folks refuse to see that 93-95% of sexual abuse comes from someone in the VICTIM’S Family, friends or those folks like coaches, teachers, organizational leaders, church workers and pastors. Then the second thing you prove is that you actively support those who profit $$ in the name of public safety….Book, Walsh, Kanka’s, Lunsford, Klaas are all using the horrendous thing that happened to their child as a money-maker….

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            I think what I did was kill two birds with one stone Vick- you wrote “The person who sexually abused Lauren Book was NOT ON ANY SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY which is the point. No the point is she was an illegal who is and continue to be the fastest growing segment of the population being listed on the registry. Point 2 is the fact she wasnt listed ,doesnt minimize the crime which your groups attempt to do daily. The beauty of the registry is YOUR bunch has been caught, we KNOW they are dangerous and have the court transcripts to PROVE IT ! You need to keep up Vick Intrafamilar offenders are now considered some of the most dangerous..Your uncle had no issues molesting his neice for years, I would bet you a million bucks he molested her friends also add on top your ex-husband and his antics..hell Vicki your family members probably have dozens and dozens of decimated lives left in their wake. You must be so proud..ancestry.com may not be kind to your family Vick.
            As far as monies spent on the issue, I will gladly pay to keep your family bugs under a glass..

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        and you notice not one member of your pathetic group actually coughed up the facts now did they? You have a big mouth telling others what to write or not write, but seems none of you can quite admit the circumstances of your loved ones convictions now can you? Oh dont tell me, he accidently landed on a child porn site right??

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        ahh look a new member for your group-
        PARIS, Texas — A Paris man, convicted of raping a teenage girl in 1995, is now facing charges after police say he confessed to sexually assaulting an infant.

        Police arrested Samuel Gonzales,40, on Monday on a warrant alleging he committed child sex crimes. The warrant stemmed from an emergency room visit. He’s currently being held in the Lamar County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

        “The mother of the 10-month-old child took the child to the emergency room due to some complications,” said Public Information Officer Curtis Garrett. “It was determined at that time that a sexual assault had occurred.

          • Valerie Parkhurst

            One will probably never know if Mr. Gonzales’s pillow partner checked the registry prior to engaging in a relationship and bringing this worthless example of DNA into her bed or not, I would wager she did not. As you may have observed by now one of my strongest efforts is to press women to do thorough checks prior to allowing a man into their bed not after. But as we both know by just observing women in your membership, often the registry seems to act as a dating site, so the registry would become a moot avenue of information regardless. And as we know by the many members of YOUR GROUP and after the dust dies down, the mother of this child may very well choose to stand by her child’s attacker and end up on forums like this proclaiming what a great guy he is, that he has served his time and needs a chance to redeem himself- Like YOU Vicki.

  13. To Valigator Rudy Vicki and whoever else. America was founded on violence and will always be violent and unforgiving. Evryone knows only about 15% at most on the registry have a probability to repeat. Look at the recidivism rates for other civilized countries who have no registry or a non public registry and you’ll realize they are no different than America. The only difference is that we kick people when they are down.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Kick them when their down MIKE? Wonder how swift and how hard our kicks are compared to
      Peoples Republic of China who in 2012 executed 4000 persons, many for sex crimes
      Or Yemen 28 some for sex crimes,
      Or Sudan 19 some for sex crimes and about 20 other countries that execute for sexually based crimes and all our freaks have to do is show up every six months and REGISTER? yea thats kickin them alright..

  14. So Elvis would be a sex offender by today’s standards too. It used to be called jaijailbait with a little chuckle, now it’s call out the US Marshall’s and knock your door down for a 2 yr age difference

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      actually Mike, States have adopted Romeo Clauses and don’t prosecute for consentual (keyword) Consentual sex when the age difference is (was) within 4 years of each other and the other minor party is 14 years of age or older. That legislation was passed years and years ago so you will NEVER find a recent registrant on the SORNA list for that example. Also and very important, registrants who initially were on Sorna for that, have long had the ability to petition off with no felony conviction on their record. But certain groups Like Vicki’s want the public to believe that 99% of new registrants are under that scenario. Its the Keystone of their activism. which is based on “guess what” a LIE.

      • What if it’s 5 yrs? The AWA makes sure they are on there longer than what the states sAy. I kno at least 40% of men make up this category of being first time consensual sex with little to no chance of reoffending. That’s why I questions his motives. Can u at least give me that much Valigator???

  15. I didn’t know about your bunch (Vicky, Mike, Rudy) until these comments. Your antagonistic manner in taking over the thread is enough, on its own, to set me against your stance but I could have overlooked it, if you were feeling strongly about, say, justice.

    But if you felt strongly about justice for the sexually abused, you’d be working hard to make the registry as accurate and efficient as possible. A side effect would be removal of those wrongly on the list, for whom you say you’re looking for justice. But you want to get rid of the registry altogether, and not only that, you hint and intimate that the knowledge we have gained about sexual abusers is questionable and should be dismissed.

    Thus your stance is merely aggressive opinion based in questionable motives. And you are rude. Great way to tempt people to your side!

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Thank You Patrice, I have long been interacting with this group and the others Vicki mentioned. There is nothing noble in their motives and or the people involved with them. As I stated they are attempting to pave the way for their loved ones (the offenders/predators) to go back underground and alleviate them from any repercussions for their crimes. Vicki Henry is a Prison spouse, she dutifully awaits her husband’s release after his conviction for sexually abusing their minor male child starting at the age of 4 that lasted into his teens. One has to actually dissect the crimes committed by these offenders and or their family members to gain an insight to why they do what they do on a daily basis. Vicki Henry and her groups will never ever attempt to seek justice for those whose registration would be even questionable in Your or mine’s eyes, why? Because these groups NEED them to Hide behind. They need to have the public believe the registry is made up of Romeo’s and the guys who had too many beers and urinated behind a tree. These people are an integral neccessary tool groups like Vicki’s use to confuse the public. Without them? Society would have to acknowledge that persons like her husband and the many others are indeed the monsters we know them to be. The members of Vicki’s group are and will always be the definition of the “boogey man” thats why they propagandize the public so intently. I am grateful you saw it.

      • Valarie:
        How about you “prove I am a prison spouse!” How about you also prove the comment that you made about “my having a husband who abused a 4 year old child?” Just an FYI….I am taking screen prints of the slanderous and libelous things you are saying here….

        I remember when you called an attorney (Norm Pattis) to spew your vile banter about the folks holding a conference in Albuquerque two years ago and remember what he did? Let me remind you…..he said, “f…. you” and hung up. You wrote letters to the mayor and everyone you could think of trying to start your vigilante crap….how did that work for ya? The organization got lots of publicity, thanks to you, and the police were very nice and respectful. They even held a meeting for those who were “concerned about the sex offenders and speakers coming to town!” How many people showed up….4 and 3 of those were people who were filming the meeting or attending the conference. I think that is when the other groups back away and decided you were a ‘lose cannon” who is trying to get people hurt.


        • Valerie Parkhurst

          Not quite sure where you got the quote from Norman Pattis, as I have never spoken with him. Until then its heresay or Yoursay which isnt too reliable as we have noted. I made a great deal of noise on the New Mexico conference and I admit it freely. I thought your recruitment campaign for every Level three in the country was abominable, and unfair to an unsuspecting city. Thankfully after the noise I made, Law enforcement was made aware and acted accordingly. The fact they were “polite” garners you no points, the fact they werent left Oblivious was a win for the residents of Alburquerque. I also have a screenshot of the confession by “yellowroselady” with the post script of Vicki Henry under it detailing the said abuse of the 4 year old. If you have an issue with what is copied and pasted by me written by YOU or people posing as You I suggest you take it up with your members, One of your post today is a perfect example, You referenced a story and spoke as first person .Mrs. Schaff @ 4:50 pm, so who are you Vicki or Georgina? I doubt it makes a difference the crimes are all equally as heinous. And come to think of it, why are you so outraged at the post? It was one of your members and minutemen who wrote it. If that crime was so egregious why do you advocate for THAT crime not to be publically registerable? Like I said to Mike , You cant have it both ways Vicki or who ever you are.

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          and nothin for nothin Vick, you may not want to hold Norm Pattis up as the “holy grail” of attorney’s if he would blatantly lie to you about a phone call that never existed. I have never had an inclination to call Mr. Pattis and as I suspect, someone probably brought up my name to him and he wanted to appear like a hero and told you what you wanted to hear.
          Isnt it YOUR mantra to not believe everything that is inked out on the internet? Well , in this instance you can take my word to the bank on it. I consider Mr. Pattis a bottom feeding attorney who makes his bones on sex offenders and pled down to Lessor crime deals, My advice is “dont mortgage the house” on his say so..you will be out on the street.

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          How could I get “part of the story right?” It was copied verbatum from the website..Vicki, now the only other PART of the story is that Your son is now a registrant correct? I want to be clear on this one. Many of your members have “generational” abuses, Also the ATSA that you hold in such high esteem unanimously agree that without long term (very expensive) treatment That includes all the family members and especially the members that surround the offender, successful re-integration back into the communities and family have a dismal success rate. You might want to make a note that many members of the ATSA have some very questionable and downright frightening work history. In as much as you may want to give your post and your opinions weight, by throwing this organization around, I am more than familiar with quite a few members who shouldnt be allowed to determine when to take our dogs for a walk much less determine the dangerousness of sex offenders in relation to the public. You may think that works with other readers of this article, but I know better remember?

    • Your fault lies in the fact you think I need to convince someone of my RIGHTS. You can’t draw a line between public notification and public safety. You just THINK there is one because it feels right.

      How you going to remove those wrongly on the list? What people are wrongly on the list?

      You want a list and you want it to reflect accurately the danger a person poses. You fail to consider that the more people who have that list and act on the list to isolate a person the more likely (not less) a person will act on their urges.

      Your problem is, you have no knowlege about sex abusers except that you want them isolated and banished from the community. You want to vote on it, you don’t want judicial oversight and you want to use the list to show everyone that you are better than those on the list.

      Protection for kids? You will shift the danger to other communities and feel within yourself that, that as long as they don’t exist, you are protected. Any kids who are hurt? You are comfortable that you can’t do anything but isolate and banish and those kids were going to be hurt anyway.

      Way to go to protect kids!

  16. Despite the debate and mudslinging in these comments (that’s totally against the point of the article), please allow me to speak for a moment. I am the child of a sex offender. My father was in possession of child pornography. I was in third grade when he was arrested. In an instant, my childhood turned upside down. My church told us to leave, telling us to leave the house of the God who came to redeem the sinners. I was almost taken away from my parents and most of my friends left me. After the trial, my dad was able to create a business and make a living. We are currently living month to month with six mouths to feed even 10 years later. My dad is reminded everyday of what he did. Even now we receive hate from it. My mom is afraid to find a job for fear of people finding out about us. My father was able to get help in those ten years. Despite what people think, help really does rehabilitate. He is a different person than he was ten years ago. I love my father. He’s done so much for me. When people say that all sex offenders are manipulative, that’s simply not the case. Let’s stop putting one blanket over everything. That’s what makes the registry such a rotten thing in the first place. There was a church that adopted us after we were told to leave. I’m so thankful for what they did. They saw our struggle and instead of turning a blind eye they helped us get through the tough years. They actually showed God’s love. The same love Jesus showed to the people he met (some of whom would be considered sexual offenders today). My dad doesn’t go to events for children, but he is still able to worship the God who redeemed him. If we truly follow that God and are called to serve Him, let’s model in his image.

    • Boz Tchividjian

      Allalea – Thank you for your note. I think the difference between your father and so many other child sex offenders in that he apparently was honest with himself and others by acknowledging his crime. Without such honesty, it is impossible for an offender to even begin down the road of repentance. Without such honesty, offenders remain incredibly deceitful and dangerous. I am encouraged that your father’s story is different. Unfortunately, his story is the exception, not the norm. All the best.

      • Boz: I disagree with your assessment and even organizations like ATSA has this to say…The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers is an international, multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse. Through research, education, and shared learning ATSA promotes evidence based practice, public policy and community strategies that lead to the effective assessment, treatment and management of individuals who have sexually abused or are at risk to abuse.

        ATSA is an association of individuals from around the world committed to achieving a high level of professional excellence. ATSA promotes the philosophy that empirically based assessment, practice, management, and policy strategies will: enhance community safety, reduce sexual recidivism, protect victims and vulnerable populations, transform the lives of those caught in the web of sexual violence, and illuminate paths to prevent sexual abuse.

        Evidence-based practice describes a healthcare system in which evidence from published studies, often mediated by systematic reviews or processed into medical guidelines is incorporated into clinical practice.

        Many academics would disagree with the position taken in your blog and especially by an individual from a family that preaches redemption although I truly understand this is NOT a Christian blog but based on the beliefs of prosecutors or former prosecutors.

        I am acquainted the mantra of some probation and parole of….trail’m, surveill’m and nail’m. I’m also familiar with the threat of “you will admit you have victims and you have these urges or you WILL go to prison or back to prison….many play the game and say whatever “those with power over them” want to stay out of prison.

        Now I will be attacked by your folks so let me say this….WAR advocates for the families of those who have been adjudicated, paid their debt to society and are living a law-abiding life because of the things they go through.

        Some folks actually believe in redemption and restorative justice….

        Vicki Henry
        Women Against Registry dot com

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          You should also be aware that some members of your ATSA did a study on a group of sex offenders that society considers the worst of the worst and these offenders admitted thru this study that the REGISTRY helps them to be accountable for their actions on a daily basis. That the REGISTRY was and is a viable tool that “checks” their behavor and all agreed that their victims right to know where they are at all times supercedes any inconvienance the registry presents to them personally. it will take me some time to find the link but it does indeed exist.

          • concerned mom

            okay, the “worst of the worst”. I dont think its hard to find out who that is through a few counseling sessions. Even Donald smith and john couey said they still had fantasies, but were let out of prison anyway. Are u saying someone in a situation such as debra lafave(mentioning her only because we both kno who she is) deserves to have a ongoing lifelong punishment when it is clear they pose no threat and committed their crime because of obvious immaturity? I know you have heard of yet another study saying that it takes men until their mid 20s to fully mature.

        • concerned mom

          Also i cant believe BOZ was so reckless as to say “Well offenders are initially drawn to faith services because of the easy access to children” Maybe you could have said “true pedophiles” Really Boz? Is this an op ed or a factual story?

      • Robert Curtis

        There are many constitutional and faith based reasons not to have a registry. After many years of probation, therapy and time served at (least here in California with over 100,000 registrants) according to the latest Department of Justice -2014 report the recidivism rates are only that of 1.8%. Why have a registry if we have such low rates and if we have to put someone on some kind of online hit-list then why are they even amongst us? Take at random 100,000 citizens and examine their lives under a microscope and see what their unreported sexual offense rate are? I’ll guess it would be higher than 1.8%. Even John Walsh went on record stating he had sex with an under age teen girl when he was 23 (why is he not a registered sex offender?…hmmm).

        I see you sir are an attorney and trained to present an argument. Good. I’ll put God’s grace and that of the US Constitution up against your best arguments an see how it goes. My bet sir (if I were a beating man) would be for Grace and the Constitution.

        Something else to consider. Because of the punitive nature of the sex offender registry MOST sex crimes now might go unreported in order to protect the family unit as a whole from the registry itself. So, the registry becomes (by default) it’s own worse enemy.

        If you are for the registry sir then why not have it accessed only through a local sheriff’s department website so if someone goes into a registrant’s home and kills all of the occupants there is at least an online record tracing system. Does your thoughts of compassion reach beyond the fear based system so many today are sold on?

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          Where do the neighbors go Robert to access those convicted of sexually based crimes Prior to allowing “their” children an afternoon “playdate” with the children of an offender? The recent data indicates that offenders who commit intrafamilial crimes also commit or attempt to commit crimes against those same child or children’s aquaintances. Your group wants the public to place way too much trust in an offender who had no qualms about sexually feeding off his own family member or members. The public realizes that these same offenders would have even less consideration for their children if opportunity reared its ugly head. This isnt opinion Robert, its documented fact. Your another one who may not be the best advocate for your cause. You preface your post by a non-existant fabricated low re-offend rate then go on to write “MOST sex crimes now might go unreported in order to protect the family unit as a whole from the registry itself.” Which is it? The crimes dont exist or the BULK just dont get reported? One would have to take to conclusion with that statement, re-offend rates are thru the roof, legal sanctions must not be, so we must take to a completed thought that these crimes and convictions are only the TIP of the iceberg for those who are indeed using our children as sexual vessels. Hense the generational dysfunction that plagues our society by allowing these same offenders ongoing access to another crop of innocent children. Your argument has no merit.

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          Plus Robert You leave out one critical aspect of the bulk of the American Public. To hear the ongoing drone of your groups who love to tout that “Joe Blow, married, father of two, homeowner, family provider, good neighbor and Church going” would ALL of a SUDDEN ” go into a registrant’s home and kills all of the occupants and jeopardize the loss of their freedoms and sacrifice their families is downright ludicrous. Contrary to your groups mantra, we just dont do that..What we do is MAKE NOISE and demand harsher repercussions for those who have demonstrated that they place No value on their own freedoms, familes and or futures for the sake of sexual compulsions. Its pretty simple actually, and no amount of “vigilante stories” are going to dispute that.

        • The U.S. Constitution and the state constitutions permit the making of laws by the legislatures. The appellate courts have found nothing illegal or unconstitutional about sex offender registries. A federal law was passed to make the registry.

      • Robert Curtis

        Questions to be considered:
        Where does churches stand on getting rid of the sex offender registry? We are told to obey the laws of the land but after someone has paid their debt is it not evil to keep adding punitive measures after the fact? If so then shouldn’t the church stand against such evil?

        Anointing comes not just from doing good for others but standing against evil Prv. 16:25 (…ways that seems right but are evil). If the Church refuses to stand against these fundamental wrongs how can they expect anointing and growth to take place?

        The Lord’s view on who’s a sex offender is anyone that looks upon a woman in lust has committed adultery already in their hearts. With that standard in mind how many sex offenders attend your church? Your argument might be well we are under Grace and forgiven those transgressions. Really? Then doesn’t His Grace reach as far as those being wrongfully punished after they have paid their debt to society?

        You might also say well those are consequences of their sin/crimes. What are the consequences to the church for not Abiding in Christ and walking as he did in the Earth? Lost anointing and spiritual growth perhaps? How did God’s Grace (through Jesus) handle the adulteress (Sex Offender) that was sentenced (by law) to death? Are you refusing Christ and His example by not showing equal compassion for those that have paid their debt to society?

        Where does this kind of harm stop? Shouldn’t we exercise Christ like compassion and stand against this kind of LIVING DEATH called the sex offender registry? There have been children listed as young as 9 years old on that evil draconian thing. The church needs to stop following the popular dictates of the world.

        While we were yet sinners God sent His only son to die for us. Given the Lord’s example in this regard who are we NOT to stand against the sex offender registry? TRUTH

        • Valerie Parkhurst

          Whats interesting Robert, is thru out that entire monologue and the insert of “There have been children listed as young as 9 years old on that evil draconian thing” you and your group never once mention the thousands and thousands of “victims” that are 9 years old or younger?
          Readers of this forum need to recognize this is the “go to” argument for Mr. Curtis and the other obvious offender sympathizers to use as some over-whelming compelling aspect to abolish the registry. What they dont mention is that 9 year old they love to hold up as the poster event of injustice violently raped an infant after having been abused himself since being a toddler. More juveniles are facing the prospect of the registry and proposed legislation is allowing judges more discretion in that call. BUT, and there is a big BUT here. More juveniles are committing more and more heinous sexually based crimes against younger and younger victims. These groups want to pursuade the public that a HUGE group of juveniles are becoming registrants for just playing doctor or child curiosity. Thats simply NOT TRUE. We occationally read some headline that “child may land on registry for giving hug” but its just doesnt happen. There isnt one case of a child on the registry for that contrary to what these groups like to mimic. Are there SOME cases that would be questionable in the eyes of the public? Of course there is, but even in the registries heyday, one would be hard-pressed to find these cases in as much as pro-offender groups love to maximize these examples. True Romeos have long had the ability to petition off the registry and are doing so . But the truth is, there are and never were as many examples of those defined as Romeo registrants these groups want to infer. The truth is, the average age of a first time registrant is 31 with his or her victim being under the age of 12. The public can hardly misconstrue those convictions. The truth is, First time registrants are rarely FIRST time OFFENDERS.

    • Valerie Parkhurst

      Allalea, I doubt anyone here takes any glee in your situation. But I must remind you that it is not the public that jeopardized your families safety and security. It was the illegal actions of the one member of your family (father) that willingly and knowingly indulged in an illegal activity that even Years ago was publically known to have dire (legal and social) consequenses. Its predictable to have the feelings that you do. Daughters have the need to idolize their fathers and being as young as you were at the time of his arrest and not being fully capable of understanding the dynamics of the situation, I doubt anyone reading your post would not empathize with the resulting predicament YOUR father placed all of you in. I am sure readers will pray for your father’s ongoing recovery, it is afterall in the best interest of society that your father succeeds. But it has been my observation that registrants and their family members have short memories as to exactly why thier live’s circumstances took a downward spin and those memories never quite reach back to the crime itself, only to the registry. As an outsider looking in I have to admit that my first thoughts lay with the children that were used in your fathers commission of his crime and I wonder how their lives have progressed and or deteriorated or if they are still being passed around on the web to be abused over and over again. Your father made a conscience choice to indulge in his actions and the children did not . I see no relevant comparison to those who made a choice to risk the registry with those who were used as the catalyst for landing on it.

      • concerned mom

        The public branding of sex offenders through online registries is a reaction to horrible, highly publicized crimes, such as the 1994 murder of Megan Kanka, in which strangers abduct, rape and kill children. But treating this sort of very rare crime as typical has led to a registration system that is unfair as well as ineffective.
        Data from the Justice Department’s National Crime Victimization Survey indicate that more than 90% of sexually abused minors are assaulted by relatives or acquaintances — people they trust.
        Furthermore, according to a 2003 Justice Department study, nearly nine out of 10 people convicted of rape or sexual assault have no prior convictions for this category of crime, so they would not show up in registries.
        Sex offender databases are over-inclusive as well as under-inclusive. The panic that followed Megan Kanka’s murder produced an alarm system that often fails to distinguish between dangerous predators and lawbreakers with convictions related to nonviolent offenses such as public urination, streaking, adult prostitution, and teens who have consensual sex with other teenagers. They are all mixed together in the registries that states are required to maintain as a condition of receiving federal law enforcement funding.
        It is not clear that a more narrowly targeted registration system would have a measurable impact on crime. A 2008 report commissioned by the New Jersey Department of Corrections found no evidence that registration had reduced recidivism rates among child molesters and rapists. Indiscriminate registries are even harder to defend, unjustly imposing lifelong burdens on people who pose little or no discernible threat.

  17. Valerie Parkhurst

    ahh look another attempted act at redemption gone wrong..

    • concerned mom

      So what you are ranting and raving about is another sex offender that reoffended. OK, i see that yahoo news especially like to only put the child abductions done by existing sex offenders, not abductions done by non offenders. They want some meat in the article, and that certainly gives them meat. This is your strategy too, val. But i guess you havent read the comment i posted that said a 2003 department of justice study said 9 out of 10 people convicted of sex assault or rape had no priors for a sex crime. Nice try, mayb you can post a bogus study by PFML or KlaasKids.

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        My strategy “concerned mom”? Your group does amuse me at times. Those DOJ studies your group never quite gets around to “mentioning” also states their is a HUGE difference in the First time an offender recieves “legal sanction” and the First time he Offends. Two different animals. If memory serves me and it does quite well, many members of your group have long histories of sexually feeding off their children, grandchildren and or the neighbors children for years prior to their first arrest or plea or conviction. Nice try “concerned mom” but I stand by my comment that YOU may not be the best “minuteman” to hail your cause.

      • Valerie Parkhurst

        If I may add, its also interesting that you define an article on a “child kidnapping and or rape” is “They want some meat in the article, and that certainly gives them meat”. Which leaves one to ponder, if you asked the victim and or the parents of the victim” if they would consider their story just “meat” for the tabloids? What would they think of that? Face it “concerned mom” your groups have been propagandizing the public for so long, any true sense of empathy or recognition that there are indeed some very bad people out there has completely been lost on persons like you and your group. Your groups will never succeed due to the fact you have been wallowing in manure so long you fail to smell it anymore. You consider each other kindred spirits for no other reason than “status” and at this juncture there is NO CRIME committed by any of your members heinous enough in your groups “collective eyes” that will paint yourselves anything but a “victim” of the system. My strategy as you like to call it, is to make sure the public does indeed grasp (1) WHO you are, and (2) WHY you do what you do..not building rocket ships, just giving the benefit to readers who stumble on these forums an insight and other perspective than the self serving one YOU love to pass off daily.

        • concerned mom

          To answer your question, If it were a member of mine being abused, i would not see it as tabloid worthy. Thats is not my point as you know. I know your “strategy”, and that is to tell me(or whoever else you encounter) that their group is minimizing the rapes of young children, and that they fail as a “minuteman” or “soldier” of their cause. Would John Stossel, who I always considered the most practical and legit anchor be a good enough “minuteman” to say the registries are a bad idea? Thats what he is saying, check it out on youtube. And as for your argument that even though you concede that the 2003 DOJ study is accurate, you come back with a bogus and undocumented argument saying that they have committed several crimes before they were caught. This is a battle cry of the pro registry leaders, much as “if it saves just 1 child”…but where is the documented proof of a study done by a trustworthy source? Tell me, and Ill believe you. Do you even want me to give less credence to you pro registry cause? Too bad, im going to anyway…Check out the 2008 study done by the NJ DEPT OF CORRECTIONS and you get back to me there “valigator” and tell me what you think of that one. Im curious to see how you will spin that one. Good luck!

    • concerned mom

      Here is another article that made headlines because the man was a registered sex offender. You can go and spread this article around too….

      Houston Metro Detective David Nettles.

      A Houston man has been arrested after Google sent a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children saying the man had explicit images of a child in his email, according to Houston police.

      The man was a registered sex offender, convicted of sexually assaulting a child in 1994, reports Tim Wetzel at KHOU Channel 11 News in Houston.

      “He was keeping it inside of his email. I can’t see that information, I can’t see that photo, but Google can,” Detective David Nettles of the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce told Channel 11.

      After Google reportedly tipped off the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the center alerted police, who used the information to get a warrant.

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  19. Independent2014

    It’s easy to hate sex offenders. I’m interested to hear your take Boz on how we can love sex offenders the way God does, perfectly.

    What it feels like if you are a part of the sex offender community, is that this is the one unforgivable crime. That no matter how much of a new creation God has done in you, you are still tainted, nothing good can come from you.

    A man after God’s own heart, commits adultery, murders the husband of the woman he slept with, and yet God redeems him and uses him for his glory.

    Where is God’s grace in how we treat the offenders.

    And before anyone says how dare he say this, let me say I too am appalled how the church has dealt with the child sex abuse scandals. Transparency is what is needed, at the same time so is grace. Our justice system knows nothing of the grace of God.

  20. The word pedophile is all to often used by media as a fear-mongering tactic to pump-up their ratings; some have admitted to it. But, in doing so they provoke the actions of self-appointed vigilantes who harm our families. Last year in Jonesville, SC a skin-head couple acted as though they were having car trouble in front of the home of Charles & Gretchen Parker. Charles is on the public registry. When the Parkers tried to help them they were taken into their home and shot and stabbed to death. They only way that law enforcement knew who had committed this crime was from a camera that the Parker family had on their porch. When the police caught up with them the guy had the names of several other registrants in his pocket who they were going to murder over the next several days. Some reading this might condone this type of vigilantism but it is as wrong as sexually abusing a child. Last year at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) our organization, Women Against Registry, was able to show legislators examples of why we fight for the families of those who have bee adjudicated, paid their debt to society and are living a law-abiding life. This is real and we average a registrant a month being killed by vigilantes. The Parker headline story as well as that of a 15 year old boy who had just committed suicide because he was told he would probably have to register as a sex offender for streaking across the football field as a prank.
    Does the public truly believe there are 774,600 men, women and children who have raped and murdered?
    Patty Wetterling, mother of Jacob, who became a fierce advocate for laws protecting children after he was abducted many years ago, as started to have second thoughts about the expansions to the registry and during an interview with City Pages said so: http://www.citypages.com/2013-03-20/news/patty-wetterling-questions-sex-offender-laws/ She was also the closing speaker at the ATSA Conference last year and said “the sex offender registry has been hijacked!”
    Folks need to learn to differentiate between the terms pedophilia, pedophile and predator.

    Vicki Henry, Women Against Registry

  21. Valerie Parkhurst

    Actually the APA in 2009 has expanded its definition of “pedophiles” to include many “more” persons who indulge in sex acts with children. In fact Vicki, you and your members should “more” than recognise those “expanded definitions” as I am sure they hit home with your groups

    Pedophiles may engage in a wide range of sexual acts with children. These activities range from exposing themselves to children (exhibitionism), undressing a child, looking at naked children (voyeurism), or masturbating in the presence of children to more intrusive physical contact, such as rubbing their genitalia against a child (frotteurism), fondling a child, engaging in oral sex, or penetration of the mouth, anus, and/or vagina (3, 5, 7, 9). Generally, pedophiles do not use force to have children engage in these activities but instead rely on various forms of psychic manipulation and desensitization (eg, progression from innocuous touching to inappropriate touching, showing pornography to children) (1, 5, 17, 21). When confronted about engaging in such activities, pedophiles commonly justify and minimize their actions by stating that the acts “had educational value,” that the child derived pleasure from the acts or attention, or that the child was provocative and encouraged the acts in some way (1, 3, 9, 22—24). A US Department of Justice manual for law enforcement officers identifies 5 common psychological defense patterns in pedophiles: (1) denial (eg, “Is it wrong to give a child a hug?”), (2) minimization (“It only happened once”), (3) justification (eg, “I am a boy lover, not a child molester”), (4) fabrication (activities were research for a scholarly project), and (5) attack (character attacks on child, prosecutors, or police, as well as potential for physical violence) (1).

    Fifty percent to 70% of pedophiles can be diagnosed as having another paraphilia, such as frotteurism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, or sadism (7, 12, 25). Pedophiles are approximately 2.5 times more likely to engage in physical contact with a child than simply voyeuristic or exhibitionistic activities (7). Typically, pedophiles engage in fondling and genital manipulation more than intercourse, with the exceptions occurring in cases of incest, of pedophiles with a preference for older children or adolescents, and when children are physically coerced .
    Should ring a LOUD Bell Vicki..
    To address your “vigilantie” rant your groups love to use as a tool to banish the public registry, The overwhelming acts of violence towards any registrant is typically done by a family member or close aquaintance after the offender “again” offended and the vicitms family retaliated. The two skinheads “making their bones” against the Parkers or a stranger who has NO previous relationship with the registrant is SO RARE, it cant be measured. If I may use the analogy, that may be familiar with YOU, look at all your members who have Pit Bulls, (lots) how many of that breed was involved in a deadly attack towards a stranger this year? Whereas contrary to that example, look at ALL the Registrants who have been involved in ANOTHER sexually based crime, PLENTY.

  22. Valerie Parkhurst

    “”This is real and we average a registrant a month being killed by vigilantes.””

    Thats a lie and You know it, thats why your group cannot be trusted. If anyone throws out Scare tactics” for media effect and fear mongering its YOU VICK!

    Lila Folster did a public interview claiming retaliation for her “son and her husband’s status ” when only 2 months prior she admitted on the daily strength group “families of sex offenders” that she “loves where she presently resides due to the fact everyone minds their own business and she has never encountered any hostility or retribution”.
    Offenders LIE, their family members LIE ,all in the quest to anonymously live among the rest of us. And YOU Vicki Henry are the biggest Liar of all.

  23. In order for people to seriously consider your claim of registrants’ one-a-month murder-by-vigilante, you will need to give citations. A list of the murdered from the last 30 months will be adequate.

  24. concerned mom

    thanks u vicki, i couldnt have said it better. Patti Wetterling, who is for a sensible registry can see that it has become over diluted with first time offenders who pose no threat. I think the author of this article fails to see what we are looking for…that is a sensible registry, one that only puts the violent, repeat offenders, or clear cases of sexual abuse, not ones that ruin a young mans life for 1 mistake. The states such as Fl have taken this idea and have created a gold mine out of it IMO. The more people on the registry, the more funding is granted, and the more jobs and departments are created. Its a go to subject for a lawmaker who maybe is behind in the polls and needs a boost from the public. They are tripping over themselves to present the next law that can outdo the previous one, thus giving them the feeling that they were tougher than the last guy on sex offenders. Every since the supreme court ruling in 2003, the floodgates have opened and the witchhunt has taken off beyond belief. For this author to say that this is not evident and the registry has been abused is misguided as well as irresponsible. Give me a registry that is fair like outlined in the original megans law. How about starting there?

  25. Yeah look at all the pedophiles with another offense… I would venture to say about 3.5% of the 780,000. If u really think Ahearn, Walsh, Klaas and the other maniacs are in it “for the kids” then u need a lesson on American capitalism. Gimme a break Valigator.!

  26. Im sorry valigator..i enjoy your relentless vigilante abilities…but the truth has to be told..The registry is a sham, a facad. I saw an oppurtunity and i took advantage of it. Once i heard the word “sex offender”, dollar signs went off in my head and me and mark klaas sat down and figured out how we could capitalize off of it. I see that its doing more harm than good now. You can stop your hate, unless the almighty dollar has you in a stranglehold. I wouldnt blame you, because thats why i got involved with BIG registry in the first place. Thanks for all your fighting on the front lines and in the trenches. Your hard work and determination will not be forgotten.

  27. You know what Patricia? It isn’t murder, it isn’t assault, it isn’t harassment that is the ultimate makes the registry illegal but ISOLATION. Isolation is a PUNISHMENT!

    You want to punish? You need hearings. You want to put my name, face, address and a map to my house because I pose a danger? You are going to have to show that in a court of law.

    Otherwise I won’t be isolated. Again, I am not here to make an argument, but a declaration!

    Your registry is illegal. It won’t be followed. I laugh at your laws!

  28. Valerie Parkhurst

    You will never get that citation due to the fact it doesnt exist and she “Vicki” knows it. Its a last ditch effort on her group’s part to abolish the registry for safety concerns of the registrants themselves. I follow many of these registrants and thier families and have for years. Not ONE has documented proof that any physical or property damage has been aimed at them due to their status. They only pull that card out if a microphone is placed in front of them or they can land a forum like this to further their agenda. If anything the offenders themselves have websites that expose “anti’s” (people like myself), and any personal information they can pass around to geographically convienant offenders and encourage them to vandalize, harrass and otherwise do DAMAGE to persons like myself. In fact I believe there is a substancial “bounty” on my head on any given day. Of course knowing offenders like I do, its mostly bluff due to the fact offenders usually only feel powerful and manly around children and never adults. Its a common theme. The General Public has absolutely NO CONCEPT of how devious and unrepentant sex offenders Truly are.

  29. Valerie Parkhurst

    e-advocate has a blog that tracks attacks on offenders, he does not distinguish the motives or the relationships of the attacker to the offender. He also left out many articles that had offenders “fabricate” attacks on either themselves and or their property ..e-advocate is a pro offender less than partial website started by an offender, run by an offender and contributed to by offenders. Not exactly a reliable link to make a point Vicki.

  30. Valerie Parkhurst

    Dont you think you should preface your post “concerned mom” by allowing the readers exactly WHY you think the term “One Mistake” is so prevelant with your’s and Vicki’s group? I hardly think the circumstances surrounding your “loved one” is considered a “mistake” by the judicial. One must shake their head when Your “group” is forever equating sexually based crimes with the book “how to become a millionaire” , or How to win an election, got news for ya, the PEOPLE DEMAND harsher repercussions and stronger legislation and Legislators do listen occationally. But even with all that YOUR, “loved one” still finds a way to chew our kids up and spit them out.

  31. concerned mom

    mrs parkhurst. please do not say that offenders lie so they can live among the rest of “us”. From reading some articles about you valigator, you are no better than any registered citizens family. Vigilantes may not be targeting you, but you have absolutely zero room to talk. Dont say you live among an elite part of society that can do no wrong and have a crystal clean record, because i will tell you flat out that u are dead wrong as far as thats concerned. you need to wipe around your own backyard before you start judging and harrassing people you know nothing about, except the charge listed on a website. thank you

  32. No matter where these stories pop up, there are a small number of blind supporters who would gladly give their rights away so they can “feel” safe. The registry is a placebo effect at best, because it DOES NOT prevent crime one iota. In fact, some studies have found them to be counterproductive, INCREASING crime in states. Social ostracism and vigilante violence certainly hinders rehabilitation.

  33. Valerie Parkhurst

    Concerned mom, I believe I have more than once offered up the advice that you are another member of the pro=offender crowd who may not be in the best person to position yourself as a “communication warrior” or “minuteman” with the writing talents to persuade the unsuspecting public to lean towards your groups so generous attitudes towards sex offenders. That being said, I am easy to google and easy to find, And I doubt any offender, whom you may represent could possibly have the amount of “daily” death threats that I do, the majority from YOUR members. The one thing I have learned in my old age, is the TRUTH is very threatening to persons like yourself and in as much as you would like to blow my candle out so yours shine’s brighter? That wont happen considering the extensive knowledge I have of your members criminal histories. But what is more disturbing is your groups tiring, methodical, ongoing attempts to allow your “loved ones” with truly heinous criminal backgrounds , unfettered access to my children or my family. In case you havent noticed, I take offense to that.

  34. concerned mom

    ms parkhurst…thanks for confirming my belief that u are wanting to spread hate more than protect kids. You spread the same broad brush towards everyone, no matter the circumstance, and im sure you are making an income somehow via blogs or other vehicles. You ARE my worst nightmare and my families as well, as you will stop at nothing to gain fame through telling lies and fear mongering. I guess Patti Wetterling is a brainless person as far as your concerned, because she sees the registry for what it has become. A work of evil. I seriously doubt you even have kids, but i could be wrong.

  35. Valerie Parkhurst

    Concerned Mom, you and I have been round and round on this topic too many times and your still presumptious to think I can be “baited” by persons as yourself. You forget I know what your going to post “before YOU DO” . But I have one question for you and your “group”. How many offenders did YOU as a collective successfully petition “off the registry” this year? Any year? I have one and am working on two others. So “concerned mom” in the big picture of things and considering I am the “devil incarnate” can you tell me exactly WHO is actually painting with the broad brush again? It should be noted by casual readers I wont get an answer I never do.

  36. read this you idiot…its from a article about how the number of sex offenders in fl is rising dramatically..

    So, last month Judd sent his deputies across the county line to assist with an operation in Osceola County — and 40 people were nabbed.

    A high percentage of those arrested in the stings are people who were not registered sex offenders, Judd said.

    yes..that grady judd admitting that most people were UNREGISTERED. what % would you say? 85% 99% im sure its waay up there. how much more proof do you need?

  37. Valerie Parkhurst

    and this Ladies and Gentlemen is your typical sex offender (Mike) and member of WAR Vicki Henry’s (womenaginstregistry)..what more needs to be said, they all eventually make my point for me better than I do..

  38. What is wrong with you? You should seek medical help for medication. You can easily go to the registry and see how few have more than one offense. Of the 41 within 1 mile of me it is… ONE!
    Fabricate attacks? Are you talking about offenders or sex crime accusers?

  39. Valerie Parkhurst

    I think you missed the entire jest of the conversation and wasted your time. In order to see an offenders COMPLETE criminal History you usually have to link his name and DOB to your respective states Department of Corrections website. Rarely if ever will anything but the most recent sexually based crime show up on the SOR. Even then, the conversation was more directed at offenders who have multiple offenses prior to their first legal sanction. I can type slower for you if you like.

  40. Valerie Parkhurst

    Just as an another example one could take the name “Steve Mchugh” and find differences in descriptions of crimes according to different state statutes. Like in New York State, Mr. Mchugh is listed with deviant sexual assault against an 11 year old, whereas in Toledo, OHIO his SOR only describes NYS and the child being listed as a minor. Of course those pesky alias’s “Mr. Mchugh”, likes to use may or may not be listed also.

  41. Check out wtsp valigator! They just exposed one of your allies Grady Judd, whos gang members have been entrapping guys by saying they are legal online and then changing their age to 13 after they get to know them. Judd justifies this by saying in a confrontational matter..”WHY DONT YOU GO AND TALK TO A MOM WHOS CHILD HAS BEEN ABUSED” and he also mentioned ‘grady’s world” case closed. Reggie Miller exposed him for the piece of crap liar he is…just like you. You make my skin crawl you nasty butch whore. What comes around goes around!!

  1. […] Stephanie Smith observes that the question of  recidivism, that is, “The tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior,” is a hot topic today offering a few different schools of thought. The conversation is more nuanced than many in the Church admit. A few key points to consider when re-offense (recidivism) rates are discussed: […]

  2. […] Stephanie Smith observes at RNS that the question of  recidivism, that is, “The tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior,” is a hot topic today offering a few different schools of thought. The conversation is more nuanced than many in the Church admit. A few key points to consider when re-offense (recidivism) rates are discussed: […]

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